God Machine – Seven tab

I think that's what Jimmy played with bass.
I play it with my guitar on the E-string:
5 ~ 5 3-5-8-7 ~ 7 7-7/8/7

When Robin begins to play guitar, I think it goes like this:e-3-3----3---3---5-3---5---5---6-3---6---6---5-3----5----5-----B------3---3---3------3---3---3-----3---3---3------3----3----3---
It's all I've got for this song except somwhere in the final solo:I play something like that:B------6----6----6-5---5---5------5----5----5----5-G-6/7----7----7------7---7---7-6----6----6----7----Try it!
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