Goldfinger – Stalker tab

Goldfinger - Stalker
This is probably my most favourite song from their album - Disconnection Notice.
I want to play it with my band and this is the way I play it...
It might not be COMPLETELY accurate but I'd bet it's really close...

Tabbed by: Boomer

Tuning: Standard

Intro part:e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|---5---5------------|x4A|-3--3------7-8757---|E|-----3--35--5-------|"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh WOO!"There are also other ways of playing this intro but this is the way I find it theeasiest and most comfortable...Though I found also three other ways to play it...feel free to e-mail me for them...
Verse 1:e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|-10----9----7----5----3----5-----|A|-10-x4-9-x4-7-x4-5-x4-3-x8-5-x8--|x2E|-8-----7----5----3----1----3-----|"She calls me on the phone, hoping that I'm home, and that I'm all alone...""But when I say hello, I only hear dial tone, she thinks that I'm her own..."
Although the first verse is only played by the bass guitar, you can play the top E string on your guitar, and it will practically sound like bass if you have electric, only an octave higher:)
Pre-Chorus 1:e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-3--7--3--5--|A|-3--7--3--5--|E|-1--5--1--3--|"Under my window she crept, watching my every step..."
Chorus 1:e|-------------| e|----------------------|B|-------------| B|----------------------|G|-5-----------| G|----------------------|D|-5--5--7--3--| D|-5----------------10--|A|-3--5--7--3--|x3 A|-5----------------10--|E|----3--5--1--| E|-3----------------8---|"Oh oh oh, she's following me "I wanna marry my stalker..." Oh oh oh, she's out of her treeOh oh oh, she's off of her rocker..."
Intro 2:e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|---5---5------------|x2A|-3--3------7-8757---|E|-----3--35--5-------|"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohOh oh oh WOO!"
Verse 2:e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|-10----9----7----5----3----5-----|A|-10-x4-9-x4-7-x4-5-x4-3-x8-5-x8--|x2E|-8-----7----5----3----1----3-----|"Sometimes she says she's my mom, looks like she doesn't belong,She's my own peeping tom.""Flowers every day, the cops they tell her to stay, 500 feet away."
Pre-Chorus 2:e|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-3--7--3--5--|A|-3--7--3--5--|E|-1--5--1--3--|"She's sleeping on my doorstep, she hasn't hurt me yet..."
Chorus 2:e|-------------| e|----------------------------|B|-------------| B|----------------------------|G|-5-----------| G|----------------------------|D|-5--5--7--3--| D|-5------5------5------10----|A|-3--5--7--3--|x3 A|-5------5------5------10----|E|----3--5--1--| E|-3------3------3------8-----|"Oh oh oh, she's following me "I wanna marry my(x3) stalker..." Oh oh oh, she's out of her treeOh oh oh, she's off of her rocker..."
Bridge:e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|-3--5--3--10--|A|-3--5--3--10--|E|-1--3--1--8---|"This morning she wasn't there, I hope that she still cares."
Try playing with it here, while listening to the song, you can palm mute the first three chords or just play E string...the way you like it...
Verse 2:e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|-10----9----7----5----3----5-----|A|-10-x4-9-x4-7-x4-5-x4-3-x8-5-x8--|x2E|-8-----7----5----3----1----3-----| x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xPalm mute this whole verse, except for the last G chord where you can slowly letyour palm off to make this climax:)
"I almost gave up hope, but today i awoke, to a private note." "She says she's going to jail, for going through my mail, but she'll stay on my trail."
Chorus 3:e|-------------| e|----------------|B|-------------| B|----------------|G|-5-----------| G|----------------|D|-5--5--7--3--| D|-5--------------|A|-3--5--7--3--|x3 A|-5--------------|E|----3--5--1--| E|-3--------------|"Oh oh oh, she's following me "I wanna marry my stalker"Oh oh oh, she's out of her tree (straight into the chorus Oh oh oh, she's off of her rocker..." two notes higher)
In the beginning of the chorus, just play the first chord, then don't play the next three chords, after "she's following me", play normally as before.
Chorus 2:e|-------------| e|----------------------------|B|-------------| B|----------------------------|G|-7-----------| G|----------------------------|D|-7--7--9--5--| D|-7------7------7------12----|A|-5--7--9--5--|x3 A|-7------7------7------12----|E|----5--7--3--| E|-5------5------5------10-----|"Oh oh oh, she's following me "I wanna marry my(x3) stalker..." Oh oh oh, she's out of her treeOh oh oh, she's off of her rocker..."
Intro 2:e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|---7---7------------|x2A|-5--5------9-10979--|E|-----5--57--7-------|"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (x2)I want to marry my stalker."
That is the whole song, as I play it...I hope you enjoy playing it... For feedback contact me -> Enjoy:) Boomer | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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