Goldfinger – Chris Cayton tab

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Date: Sat, 10 Jan 1998 08:44:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: TAB: by Goldfinger

Song: Chris Cayton
Band: Goldfinger
Album: Hang-ups (1997)
Written by John from Goldfinger
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is a great song by one of my all-time favorite bands, Goldfinga!  
The song, does, however, have lots of little bits and pieces to play. So, 
if you like Goldfinger, I know you'll enjoy it:

Main/Intro riff: (repeated)E----------------------------------B----------------------------------G----------------------------------D----4-5-4-5--------4-5-4-5-7------A-5r---------7---5r-------------5r-E--------------5--------------5----
Play main/intro riff once, then at the end of the second time, play this:E-----------B-----------G-11-11--12-D-11-11--12-A--9--9--10-E----------- F#ii G
2nd guitar plays these chords under the main/intro riff:E------------------------B------------------------G--7---------------------D--7----5----9----7------A--5----5----9----7------ (Play these 4x)E-------3----7----5------ D G B A
The intro riff ends, and lead guitar plays this riff:E----------------------------------------------------B-----7-8-10-8-8-----7-8-7-7s8-7----------7-10-------G-7-9------------7-9-------7s9-7--9-7-9-7------9-7---D----------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------
Rythym ska part played during verse: D GE---5----3-----B---7----3-----G---7----4-----D---7----5-----A--------------E--------------
Verse: D G D G You taught me how to play guitar, you taught me that I'd go D G D G D far just by trying. Yea just by trying. We were kids playing G D G D G Social D., spiritual man on l.s.d., we were frying, yea we D were frying.
Play this riff during last half of verse:E-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-------------------------B-10-10-10-10--8--8--8--8----------7-7-7-8-7------G--------------------------7-7-7-9-----------9-7--D-------------------------------------------------A-------------------------------------------------E-------------------------------------------------
Bridge: Em C Em FiiE--7---3---7---8----B--8---5---8--10----G--9---5---9--10----D--9---5---9--10----A-------------------E-------------------
Em C Em Once in a while you'd fuck with me, no ground on my bass and Fii it shocked me.
Chorus:[the C and D in parantheses aren't played by guitar] G Am C D G Am (C)(D) GE---3---5---3---5-----3---5----------3------B---3---5---5---7-----3---5----------3------G---4---5---5---7-----4---5----------4------D---5---7---5---7-----5---7----------5------A-------7-----------------7----------5------E-------5-----------------5----------3------
G Am C D Chris Cayton, I called you Satan. G Am (C) (D) G Cause when we were skatin', you would make the metal sign. Repeat intro. Verse: D G D You got kicked out of school for wearing profanity. "Too G D G drunk to fuck" said the Dead Kennedys on your button, your D G punk rock button.
Riff: (* means played quietly)E-----------------------------------*10-*10--------B-----7-8-8-9-8---------7-8-7-8------------*10-----G-7-9-----------10-7-7----------7r------------*11--D--------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------
D G D You were born in S.L.T., vegetarian man no G D G D G B.L.T. on your muffin, no turkey stuffing.
Bridge: Em C Em Once in a while I'd surf with you, our first band was called Fii I.M.R.U. Then repeat chorus, playing a barred G-C-G instead of the (C)-(D)-G part at the end.
Next: repeat intro 2x, then lead guitar plays this while 2nd guitar plays a D with palm muting:E-----------------------------------------------------/10-B-----------7-8-7-8-------7-8-7-8-9-----7-8-7-------------G-----(6)-7---------9---7-------------7-------9-7-9-7-----D-(7)-----------------7-------------7---------------------A---------------------------------------------------------E---------------------------------------------------------
Last verse repeats the words from the first verse, except it's played with barre chords. Riff: ("yeah just by trying. . .")E---------------------B---------------------G---------------------D--4-4-4-4-4-4--2--0--A---------------------E---------------------
Whew! That's pretty much all I've got. It took me a while to figure this one out, and there may be some other, better ways to play this song. If you have any questions, comments, changes, or maybe even requests, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do you for. Luke
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