Goo Goo Dolls - Slide tab

INTRO (play 2x)e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|---------3-------------3-------------3------------------|G|-----0-------0-----0-------0-----0------0---------------|D|-2------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------3----------------------------------------|E|------------------------------3-------------------------|
Verse: Em7 D Could you whisper in my ear Cadd9 The things you want to feel Cadd9 Iíll give you anything Cad9 To feel it cominí Em7 D Do you wake up on your own Cadd9 And wonder where you are Cadd9 You live with all your faults Chorus: Cadd9 D I wanna wake up where you are Cadd9 I wonít say anything at all So why donít you slide Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D Yeah weíre gonna let it slide Em7 D Donít you love the life you killed Cadd9 The priest is on the phone Cadd9 Your father hit the wall Cadd9 Your ma disowned you Em7 D Donít suppose Iíll ever know Cadd9 What it means to be a man Something I canít change Iíll live around it Chorus Cadd9 G And Iíll do anything you ever Cadd9 G Dreamed to be complete Cadd9 G D Little pieces of the nothing that fall Em7 D Oh,may put your arms around me Cadd9 Em7 What you feel is what you are G D And what you are is beautiful Em7 D Oh,may do you wanna get married Cadd9 Or run away Chorus
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