Good Charlotte – Secrets tab

_  (¯   |_¯  /¯¯'  |¯¯)  |_¯  ´¯|¯`  (¯   _
¯  ._)  |__  \__,  |¯¯\  |__    |    ._)  ¯

OK guys, here's another tab. I really like this song and it's really fun 
to play it. I've tried to do it as easy as possible to understand,
but it's so hard to explain exactly how to play it. but if you have any questions
about this tab, e-mail me or write a comment :D

The strumming in this 
song is kinda tricky, but if you listen to the song I'm sure you'll get it right.

Have fun!

[INTRO]= play the same chords as the intro

"Tuned down 1/2 step"

VERSE F In the dark Am In the darkness you will find F Am Dirty little secrets we all hide C Am Cause' we all have a darker side F G A place we keep where no one else will find PRECHORUS [INTRO]2x Cause' everybody wants to hide their secrets away Nobody wants to stand up to the pain
But I will stand up to the pain Wake up and fight again If you could dance with me through this rain And we will fight, we'll fight again, [INTRO] fight again VERSE PRECHORUS CHORUS ...fight again
BRIDGE 6xeb|----------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------------|Gb|---555--999-9---1010--77-777777---------------|Db|---xxx--xxx-x---x-x---xx-xxxxxx---------------|Ab|---333--777-7---8-8---55-555555---------------|Eb|----------------------------------------------|
All my life I hide my secrets away, In the dark, in the dark, in the dark We all try to hide our secrets away, In the dark, in the dark, in the dark CHORUS [INTRO]2x ...fight again ...fight again [INTRO]2x Cause' everybody wants to hide their secrets away And that's ok Nobody wants to stand up to the pain Fight again
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