Good Charlotte – Misery Acoustic tab

This is my first tab so I tried my best. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


Pre-Chorus F G Look at all these happy people, living their lives F G Look at all these plastic people there’s nothing inside F G Look at all these shallow people, telling their lies F G Look at all these empty people, people Chorus Am F Don’t you know, misery loves company C G Yeah, I heard, misery was looking for me Am F Happiness it's a face that don’t look good on me C G Yeah, I heard misery comes looking for me Whoa misery’s my company (…) same as intro/verse Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus G F C G Don’t you know this misery loves me 4x repeat "so you’re tired of running, you’re tired of hurting, you’re tired of living in their you’re tired of listening you’re tired of..." same as intro/verse F G Hurting keep your sadness alive Chorus
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