Goombay Dance Band – Montezuma chords

Goombay Dance Band - Montezuma (1981)

Am EmMercury ice, high in the desert,
Am EmDust in the air, the compound is dry.
Dm AmPin's so hot, the touch of foam.
Dm AmFeel a flash, in the vein just on.
Am EmHow many days can it last until it's over?
Am EmHow many tricks can you play before you track
AmIn a no man's land?
C GIs it wrong or is it right?
Dm AmEveryday the endless fight.
C G AmSun relieve for us tonight, Montezuma.
C GMake it clear so we can tell
Dm AmWhen you cast your magic spell:
C G AmYour revenge is our as well, Montezuma.
Look to the sky, up for the stars that show. Feel in the doves a magic surprise. Bright the wind dyes the raise. Pray for peace, in a world of change. How many days can it last until it's over? How many miles of hope can you cry for a new mirage? Chorus (bis)
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