Gordon Giltrap – Drifter tab



(In the intro between the Am and The C there is some picking out, I couldnt figure out
single note that he was playing but I thought this would get you started anyway.)

CAPO 4th fret


/ = slide down\ = slide up D Am Ce--2/4-2---------0--------0---|B--3/5-3-0/0\0-0-1--------1---|G--2/4-2-2/4\2-0-2--------0---|D----------------2--------2---|A----------------0--------3---|E-----------------------------|
Verse1: G Am C F I used to have a home, a place I started from, a place to call my own G Am The bright lights and late nights, the devil took me out on a midnight ride C G Left me out in the desert on my own Pre-Chorus: Am D Am D And now I feel alone, I need a hand to help me find my way back home Chorus: G I'm a drifter out on a dead-end road Am Trying to find my way back home C G F To get to you, oh to get to you G Lord I've gone for far too long Am Headed to places I don't belong C G And I've got to get back home to you Verse2: G Am C Sometimes I think about the past the road that I was on G F the road that led me home G Am I'll walk on another day I may wonder, but I'll never stray C G I found out the hard way sin don't pay (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) Bridge: Em D C G And when I feel the night is closing in Em D C G D And I can barely breath the air Em D C G I just remember that I've got a friend Am C D Who really cares, oh who really cares (Chorus2x) Outro: Oh take me home (just keep playing the chorus during the lead break) Lead break: b = bend ~ = vibrato/shake e-12~12~12~12~14b--12~12~12~14b-12~~~----------------------------------.)(just add lib
the lead afterB----------------------------------------------------------------------.) this. I've
them play itG----------------------------------------------------------------------.) live and he
play theD----------------------------------------------------------------------.) same thing
time but,A------------------------------------------| that is the way it starts-.)E----------------------------------------------------------------------.)
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