Gordon Lightfoot – Changes chords

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Changes chords
Gordon Lightfoot (Phil Ochs 1966)

Capo II

Am D Em Am
Am D Em D 

Am D Em AmSit by my side come as close as the air,
D Bmsharin' a memory of grey
Em CAnd wander in my words,
D Em Am Dand dream about the pictures that I play,
Gof changes
Am D Em AmGreen leaves of summer turn red in the fall,
D Bmto brown and to yellow they fade
Em CAnd then they have to die,
D Em Am Dtrapped within the circle time parade,
Gof changes
Am D Em Am Am D Em D
Am D Em AmMoments of magic will glow in the night,
D Bmall fears of the forest are gone
Em CFor when the morning breaks,
D Em Am Dthey're swept away by golden drops of dawn,
Gof changes
Am D Em AmPassions will part to a warm melody,
D Bmas fires will sometimes turn cold
Em CLike petals in the wind,
D Em Am Dwe're puppets to the silver strings of souls,
Gof changes
Am D Em Am Am D Em D
Am D Em AmYour tears will be trembling now we're somewhere else,
D Bmone last cup of wine we will pour
Em CI'll kiss you one more time,
D Em Am Dand leave you on the rolling river shore,
Gof changes
Am D Em Am Am D Em D Set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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