Gordon Lightfoot – Softly chords

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Softly chords
Gordon Lightfoot 1967

Capo II

A Amaj7 *

A Amaj7 BmSoftly she comes
E A Amaj7 BmWhispers the breeze with her passing
E A A7 DIn secret love she is laughing
Dm7 A A BmSoftly she comes in the night
A Amaj7 BmSoftly she sighs
E A Amaj7 BmSweetly she lies never sleeping
E A A7 DHer fragrance all in my keeping
Dm7 A A Bm A BmSoftly she comes in the night
EDown the darkened hall
D AI hear her footsteps on my stair
E E7And she is in my arms once more
A Amaj7 BmThen softly she goes
E A Amaj7 BmHer shining lips in the shadows
E A A7 DWhisper goodbye at my window
Dm7 A A Bm DSoftly she goes in the dawn
Dm7 A A Bm ASoftly she goes in the dawn
* substitute C#m Set8
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