Mercy Walked In chords with lyrics by Gordon Mote - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gordon Mote – Mercy Walked In chords

Verse 1

D G EmI stood in the court room. The judge turned my way
D Bm A7It looks like you're guilty, Now what do you say
D G EmI spoke up, your honor, I have no defense
D A7 DBut that's when Mercy walked in
A7 DMercy walked in and pleaded my case
A7 D D7Called to the stand God's saving grace
G Em D BmThe blood was presented,that covered my sin,
D A7 DForgiven, When mercy walked in
Verse 2
D G EmI stood there and wondered, How could this be
D Bm A7That someone so guilty had just been set free
D G EmMy chains they were broken I felt born again
D A7 DThe moment that mercy walked in
chorus Ending
G Em D BmThe blood was presented, that covered my sin,
D A7 G - DForgiven, when mercy walked in
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