Gorky Park – Tell Me Why chords

From the album "Moscow calling" (1993)

C Fmaj7 D5sus2 G (fill 1)
C Fmaj7 D5sus2 G*(C и Fmaj7 play holding the second string)
Verse 1:
C Fmaj7 GWho`s to say which one of us is right
C Fmaj7 GEverything ain`t always black and white
Em FNow trying to change it ain`t easy
Em FNobody wants to believe me
B G Asus2I guess that I`m just that kind that won`t give up
Verse 2: Every day is like an uphill climb We`ve got to learn to change And leave the past behind But trying to change it ain`t easy Nobody wants to believe me No matter what I do it never seems to be enough
Asus2But I won`t give up no I won`t give up
F G Em7 AmTell me why why why oh whyaiaia
F G B AWe can`t find the time to tryaiaia
F G Em7 AmTell me why why why oh whyaiaia
F GI can`t win this fight without you
(Intro goes) Verse 3: I know sometimes it seems to be so hard But just reach out to us and we`ll be where you are Oh you can make it so easy If you`d only believe me And try together cause we`ll be there for you And we won`t give up no we won`t give up Chorus (plays once) Solo (break): Fmaj7 C Am D5 Bridge:
F GRaise your hand together
F GTake a stand together
F G ALet`s all try to win this fight
Chorus (2 times) End: C Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C
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