Gotthard – Lonely People chords

First Tab ;-) Lets go :-)

Used Chords:

    G          D          Em7       B7          C          Cadd9

Intro 4x : G D Cadd9 D G <- Hear the stroke out of the song (and excuse my english xD) 1. Verse
G D Cadd9 D G What is life without a friend
G D Cadd9 D GIt's a highway with no end
G D Cadd9 D Em7What's a child without a smile
Cadd9 D GCome and listen for a while
Intro 2x
G D Cadd9 D GWhat is faith without believe
G D Cadd9 D GOr a maple with no leaves
G D Cadd9 D Em7A treasure island you can't find
Cadd9 D GA great picture when you're blind
Em7 B7 CWhy are we never satisfied
CDoin' all
G D GDoin' all the things we do
Em7 B7 C Why are we standing in the rain
CCan't you see
G D GIt is all for you and me
Intro 4x 2. Verse
G D Cadd9 D G What's a house without a roof
G D Cadd9 D G And a good friend with no truth
G D Cadd9 D Em7 What's a mother with no child
Cadd9 D GOr a father with no time
Intro 2x 3. Verse
G D Cadd9 D G What is a priest who's telling lies
G D Cadd9 D G What's a guardian with no eyes
G D Cadd9 D Em7 What is a man without a view
Cadd9 D GTake an oath wich is untrue
Bridge Chorus:
G D Cadd9 D G Look at all those lonely people
G D Cadd9 D G I still wonder where they go
G D Cadd9 D G Look at all those fancy people
G D Cadd9 D G They all seem to really know
G D Cadd9 G Something, we don't know
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