Govt Mule – Beautifully Broken tab

Beautifully Broken
Govt. Mule

E	    F		       E
Mysterious, blown in with the night
	    	Dm	       E
All this beauty captured in a frame
	 F		  E
Visibly shaken, but never stirred
		D	Dm
Drives them insane
I see the way she plays her men
	C     	 C/B		 E
And I know I've got to know her name
	(Breakdown A: 1 time)
	Am	      D/F#  D/F
She's so beautifully broken
Shaped by the wind
Dangerously twisted—
Here I go again

I see the way she cast her spell
It's like drowning in moonlight
Discards them she's done
They're lost in her twilight
I watch her move from star to star
And I wonder why, why it feels so right

She's so beautifully broken
You can barely see the flaw
Especially from a distance—
Which is always how I fall

F			Dm
Why do I fall for the dangerous ones?
     G		  		    C		C/B
The ones that never learned to let go
    F	      Dm
And why do I lie to myself
And pretend that I can break her
When she's already been so

Beautifully broken… (then First Chorus)

(Repeat Break)

(Repeat First Chorus)

I recommend the tab by Chase Matthews on to get the riff. This
is just a handy chord chart. --Best, Mo Love
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