Grace Potter And The Nocturnals – Low Road chords

Low Road (GP & Nocturnals)
Chords by IGS

[Intro Bb (syncopated)Ah-ooh, Ah-ooh ... Ah-ooh, Ah-ooh,ooh,ooh]
Bb Bbsus7I lost everything, I fell out of a daydream
D# B#mAt the door of a long lost friend
And I cried aloud, Without an inch of pride [Bb Bbsus7]
I knew that I had reached the end [D# B#m]And old and lonely man, Saw me sittin on the curb [Bb Bbsus7]
He reached out and took my hand [D# B#m]He said I know your song, And I know your name [Bb Bbsus7]
And there was a time that I felt the same [D# B#m] [Chorus]
Bb D#But it's a low low road You've gotta roll down
F Gm FBefore you find your way, my friend
Bb D#And it's a high, high hill You've gotta climb up
F BbBefore you get to the top again
[Intro] I held on so dearly, [Bb Bbsus7] To the wrong things in my life [D# B#m] But now I see so clearly [Bb Bbsus7] I was walking into my own knife [D# B#m] You've got to get up off that street Stop looking at your feet [Bb Bbsus7]
And take a hold of something real [D# B#m]And this old man, took my hand [Bb Bbsus7]
He looked at me and said, little girl, I understand [D# B#m] [Chorus] [Bridge] And there was a time that I thought that I knew it all [D# B#m] And there was a place that I thought I could call my own [D# B#m] But it all came crashing down and I looked around [D# B#m] And I knew that things would never be the same [D# F] [Chorus 2x] [Intro]
BbCause it's a low, low road
You've gotta roll down It's a low, low road
Bbsus7 (Bb barr with finger on B string 9th)e|--x---|B|--9---|G|--7---|D|--x---|A|--8---|E|--6---|
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