Graffiti6 - Over You chords version 1

intro:  F C G Dm 2x

[Verse 1]

F C G DmLay down your armour baby
No need to fight no more Coz i have been wondering darling We should just stop this war
Gbut itís alright
Dm Gnothing lasts forever baby
Dm Gitís alright
Dm Gnow i can dance
C Fcoz Iím over you
Am Gthis time is the last time
C FIím over you
Am GI can change
C Fsaid I am over love
Am Gthis time is the last time
G# Calways my love
[Verse 2] no need for arguments just walk through the door baby sometimes I donít know what weíre talking about you lose yourself i lose myself baby but its alright nothing lasts forever baby its alright( now I can dance [Chorus repeated]
Am GAnd maybe yeah it took a long time
Dm Cwhen youíre running away from truths you canít find
Am Gmaybe yeah it was a hard time
G# Cmwhen love had gone
[Chorus repeated]2x
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