Graham Kendrick – O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering chords

Bb F GO Lord----the clouds are gathering
D Eb Bb FThe fire of judgement burn How we have fall---en!
Bb F G D Eb C O Lord, you stand appalled to see Your laws of love so scorned
Bb FAnd lives so bro---ken
G Have mercy, Lord, (Men) Have mercy, Lord, (Women)
G BbForgive us, Lord, (Men) Forgive us, Lord (Women)
A D Restore us, Lord Revive your church again (All)
GLet justice flow (Men) Let justice flow (Women)
Eb BbLike rivers (Men) Like rivers (Women)
F C FAnd righteousness like a never failing stream (All)
verse 2
Bb F GO Lord, over the nations now
D Eb Bb FWhere is the dove of peace? Her wings are broken
Bb F G D Eb O Lord, while precious children starve The tools of war increase
Bb F Their bread is stolen
Verse 3
Bb F GO Lord, dark powers are poised to flood
D Eb Bb FOur streets with hate and fear We must awaken!
Bb F G D O Lord, let love reclaim the lives That sin would sweep away
Bb FAnd let your kingdom come
Verse 4
Bb F GYet, O Lord, your glorious cross shall tower
D Eb Bb FTriumphant in this land Evil confounding
Bb F G D Through the fire your suffering church display The glories of her Christ
Bb FPraises resounding!
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