Grand Archives – Sleepdriving chords

                       SLEEPDRIVING - Grand Archives

Band: Grand Archives
Song: Sleepdriving
Album: The Grand Archives (2008)

Tabbed by: Pascual Rambert (Chasco-Mousse, Argentina)
Tuning: Standard, Capo on 3th fret


Am F Ce|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|B|--------1------|--------1------|--------1------|--------1------|G|-2--2------2---|-2--2------2---|----2------2---|-0--0------0---|D|------2------2-|------2------2-|-3----3------3-|------2------2-|A|-0------0------|-0------0------|---------------|-3------3------|E|---------------|---------------|-1------1------|---------------|
G Am F Ge|---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|B|--------0------|--------1------|--------1------|--------0------|G|-0--0------0---|-2--2------2---|----2------2---|-0--0------0---|D|------0------0-|------2------2-|-3----3------3-|------0------0-|A|---------------|-0------0------|---------------|---------------|E|-3------3------|---------------|-1------1------|-3------3------|
Gadd9 Ge|---------------|B|---------------|G|-2--2-0-0---0--|D|---------------|A|---------------|E|-3------3------|
Verse: Am F C G Am C G G Snow fell thick and small It buried a starlit fog You remembered it all I'm sleepdriving away Metal and mold, bourbon and clove Mirrors and smoke, yesterday's clothes I'm sleepdriving away Chorus: Am Am F F C C G F-Em Eyes through your window, I stare out And some, someday we'll be too old Verse: Cold will ache with making you jaw You're only as old as you say that we are I'm sleepdriving away The trunk of the car filled with all that we own This old Pontiac's starting to feel like a boat I'm sleepdriving away Chorus: Eyes through your window I stare out And some, someday we'll be too old 2.17 Bridge (strings): C F C G It's nearly dawn, your motel home The shades were drawn to hide the storm Without a sound, TV glow The blankets tied around our throats Swirling round, the light above Outside the crows were waking up It's nearly dawn Motel home was nearly gone No sleep at all 3.32 (guitar back): C F C G (alternate C with Csus4) Outside, those crows In life, oh noes Frozen roads and run Sleepdriving away ----------------------------------------- CHORDS Am x02210 F 133211 C x32010 G 320003 Gadd9 320203 Em 022000 Csus4 x33010
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