Grand Archives – Louis Riel tab

                         LOUIS RIEL - Grand Archives

Band: Grand Archives
Song: Louis Riel
Album: The Grand Archives (2008)

Tabbed by: Pascual Rambert (Chasco-Mousse, Argentina)
Tuning: Standard, Capo on 1th fret

Intro 1:

G Am (x2)
G Am Bm G  

Verse 1:

G Am Bm G
Silver lines are drawn
wrapped in golden twine,
I've heard tell of you
in ways you would deny

Bridge 1:

G Am Bm C
Ba da dum ba da dum
ba da da da dum

Chorus 1:

D C Bm Am
Hung by a rope where the
railroad will surely come by.

Intro 2:

G Am (x2)
G Am Bm C

Verse 2:

G Am Bm G
I've listened way too long
to all your stolen lines,
the railroad soon will own
all you've left behind.

Bridge 2:

G Am Bm C (x4)
Ba da dum ba da dum
ba da da da dum

Chorus 2:

D C Bm Am
Hung by a rope where the
railroad will surely come by.


G G Em Em
Hang there, all alone

G Am7 G


G    320003
Am   x02210
Bm   x24432
C    x32010
D    xx0232
Em   022000
Am7  x02013

Intro 1: G Am G Am G Am Bm G e|---------------------|---------------------|B|---------------------|---------------------|G|---------------------|---------------------|D|---------------------|---------------------|A|------0---------0----|------0--0-2--2------|E|-3--3------3--3------|-3--3-----------3----|
Verse: G Am Bm G e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|---------------------|A|------0--0-2--2------|E|-3--3-----------3----|
Bridge: G Am Bm C e|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|---------------------|D|---------------------|A|------0--0-2--2-3--3-|E|-3--3----------------|
Intro 2: G Am G Am G Am Bm C e|---------------------|---------------------|B|---------------------|---------------------|G|---------------------|---------------------|D|---------------------|---------------------|A|------0---------0----|------0--0-2--2-3----|E|-3--3------3--3------|-3--3----------------|
Solo: G Em D Ce|-3-----3-3/2-0---|-2----0--0---0---|B|-----3-----------|-------3-------3-|G|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|
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