Grand Archives – Index Moon chords

                         INDEX MOON - Grand Archives

Band: Grand Archives
Song: Index Moon
Album: The Grand Archives (2008)

Tabbed by: Pascual Rambert (Chasco-Mousse, Argentina)
Tuning: Standard, Capo on 1th fret

Intro: G Bm Am6 Am6 Am Am6 e|-----7---------------------------|---------------------|------------|B|-8-------7---8---7---7---7---7---|---------------------|------------|G|---7---7---7---7---5---5---5---5-|---------------------|------------|D|---------------------------------|-5h7---------5h7-5b6-|-4----------|A|--------------(x2)---------------|---------------------|------------|E|---------------------------------|---------------------|------------|
Verse: G Bm G Bm Am D7e|-----3-------7-------3-------7---|-----------------|B|-------3-------7-------3---------|-----7---5-------|G|---4-------7-------4-------7---9-|---5---5---7-5-4-|D|-5-------9-------5-------9-------|-7---------------|A|---------------------------------|-----------------|E|---------------------------------|-----------------|
We were all in blue disguised in black, bad news travels fast, sets in slowly. Morning of an early loss, the words came out all wrong, the bells were all ringing out loud. Chorus:
Em D G C Left aside for the sake, of rain on a sunny day,
(C) Em A we all get left behind sometimes when time was all we had.
D D/C Bm Am Verse: The Index moon was red, I was thinking about a friend, train whistle's blowing. Echoing out a past, splintered wood and ash, the bells were all ringing out loud. (Chorus:) Left aside for the... Bridge: Bm C Bm C
Bm C D6 D7 Now the bells are ringing out loud.
Solo: G Bm Am6 Am6 (x2) Em D G C (C) Em A D D/C Bm Am Chorus:
Em D G C Left aside for the sake, of rain on a sunny day,
Bm C D D/C Bm Am of rain on a sunny day, of rain on a sunny day.
G Bm Am6 Am6 (x3) So blue...
--------------------------------- CHORDS G 320033 Bm x24432 Am6 x02212 Am x02210 Em 022000 D xx0232 C x32010 A x02220 D/C x3x232 D6 xx0202 D7 xx0212
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