Eternally tab with lyrics by Grant Nuss - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Grant Nuss – Eternally tab

Intro:	G    D  C    Am7   G	D	C	D
G              D
Creation, salvation
C               Am7               G
Adoration, Jesus came to save 
                  D              C       D              
Our souls, from damnation
G            D
Refiner, Messiah
C            Am7             G
Purifier, Jesus lives to take
              D            C         D              
Us home to life eternal

C            D
He paid, the price
Em          C                    G
He rose again to set us free
From sin, from shame
Em                 C                   G
He heals by Grace and majesty
           D             C       D         
Jesus loves eternally

G                D
Almighty, praise-worthy
C                Am7                  G
Gracefully, Jesus heals our hearts
                 D               C       D                
And makes us whole again
G             D
Exalted, anointed
C           Am7              G
Appointed, Jesus fills our lives
   D         C        D                     
With mercies never ceasing


Solo:	G	D	C      Am7	G	D	C	D

Am7           D            Am7        D
His mercy unceasing, His glory fills our hearts
Am7              D                 Am7      D                 Tacet
His blessings unequalled, beloved Jesus Christ

Album: Souled Out…for Jesus
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