Grapes Of Wrath – Peace Of Mind tab

Peace Of Mind - Grapes Of Wrath (capo on 2)
transcribed by M_Pony

A            D
 Coming over mountains 
     A               F#-             E
they pale beside the wall between us now. 
          D            B-    A
Since I refuse to play along.
     A             D     
It's always been another 
   A             F#-            E 
to do the damage you live every-day, 
              D           B-     A
and leave you cursing for escape.

Each day I see a ball and chain 
       D           B- 
grow a little more ingrained, 
and watch you corner pain 
       D        B-              A
sayin' nothin', nothing's gonna change.

E D B-   E D B- A     E D B-   E D B- D.. A  
Why is the world so damn unkind 
to one so righteous in her mind? 
The sun won't rise and shine. 
Will you never.. find your peace of mind?

A D A D  

A D   A F#- E    D B- A 
My father couldn't bother 
to play the kind of role a child required. 
instead of trying he retired. 

With so much yet to conquer 
to feel alone while so-called friends don't phone. 
You know the pain is not their own. 

[[CHORUS]]  E D B-   E D B- A     E D B-   E D B- D.. A  

A D   A F#- E    D B- A 
Coming over mountains 
to feel the tension hiding in these walls. 
You see all trace of spirit fall. 

My father couldn't bother 
and now he's back to find his place again.
Sorry, but the book's been burned. 

[[CHORUS]]  E D B-   E D B- A     E D B-   E D B- D..   
              A   D   A   D               A    D  A  A
Your peace of mind...       Your peace of mind...    [end]
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