Grateful Dead – Bertha chords


G G G C G G G1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &
Verse 1:
C G C/GI had a hard run, runnin' from your window
C G C/GI was all night runnin', runnin', Lord I wonder if you care
C G C/GI had a run in, run around and run down
C G C/GRun around the corner, corner, Lord I run smack into a tree
D Am G C D I had to move, move, really had to move
C G D C That's why uf you please, I am on my hand and knees
Am C G/C (Repeat Intro)Bertha don't you come around here anymore
Verse 2:
C G C/GDressed myself in green, I went down unto the sea
C G C/GTry to see what's goin' down, try to read between the lines
C G C/GI had a feelin' I was fallin', fallin, I turned around to see
C G C/GHeard a voice callin', you were comin' after me
(Chorus) Verse 3:
C G C/GRan into a rainstorm, I ducked back into a bar door
C G C/GIt's all night pourin', pourin', Lord but not a drop on me
C G C/GTest me, test me, test me, why don't you arrest me
C G C/GThrow me into the jail house, Lord until the sun goes down
(Chorus - Repeat a few times)
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