Grateful Dead – Franklins Tower tab

Here is a tab of the main riff, ive been dissapointed not seing this existing onthe internet so i decided to make it so. This is just the main riff, and realeasy and fun to jam on :D A G G G|--------------------------------------------------||---10--10-10-x-x-x-x-8-8-8---------x-x-x-x-8-8-8--||---9---9--9--x-x-x-x-7-7-7--7--7-7-x-x-x-x-7-7-7--||---11--11-11-x-x-x-x-9-9-9--7--7-7-x-x-x-x-9-9-9--||-------------x-x-x-x--------9--9-9-x-x-x-x--------||--------------------------------------------------|
you can have some fun with this riff, like on the lower G note, G|---------||---------||-------7-||-----7-7-||-7h9---9-||---------|
it was played like this mostly in the late 70s, mid 80s and 95, but any othertime they played it just a little different, like this(rapidly). A G G G|---------------------------------------------||--10-xx-10-xx-10-xx-8-8----xx---xx---xx-8-8--||--9--xx-9--xx-9--xx-7-7--7-xx-7-xx-7-xx-7-7--||--11-xx-11-xx-11-xx-9-9--7-xx-7-xx-7-xx-9-9--||-----xx----xx----xx------9-xx-9-xx-9-xx------||---------------------------------------------|
Thats basically it, this is just by ear, and it sounds right to me. -Derek Jerry Lives :-)
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