Great Big Sea – Margarita tab

  From "Turn"(1999)

  This one's far from my favourite tune from The B'ys,
   but for the sake of completeness....

    *Capo on the second fret*

     Intro: C Am |Fmaj7 G| X2

    C                          Am
 I see you in the front row,bouncing up and down
          Fmaj7                  G
 You're ripped and ready for a night downtown
      C                        Am
 And all the pretty boys are chasing you around
             Fmaj7                 G
 Cause they all wanna win your affection

 You spent three hours getting ready for the show
 Nothing on underneath and everybody knows
 Mama said wear a coat or catch your death of cold
 What's wrong with a little flirtation?


                F   C  G
 And then you smile at me
            F   C  G
 Is that a wink I see?
         F         G
 Did I catch your eye?
           F    G
 Should I even try?

         C         Csus4 C
 Oh, my Margarita (Margarita)
 Like to meet you (Margarita)
 Marguarita (Marguarita)
 I Think I need you (Marguarita)

 Take your time, dance real slow
 Remember that song from the radio
 Got your old man's car, got a place to go
 Cause we all need a little temptation

 Those two big fellas are looking for a fight
 It's what they like to do on a Saturday night
 Maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the lights
 But they just want to get your attention

 Chorus,intro,then bridge:

  G         C     F     G    
 Talk to me,baby, it's alright
   G          C            F        G
 I might look strange, but I don't bite
             C      F         G
 And if you let me hold your hand
              C                F     G
 I can find a way to make you understand

 Called last call, now it's time to go
 But I'm not the guy who gets to walk you home
 We could have made history, I guess we'll never know
 I'll see you in dreams

 Chorus x2, intro to end.
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