Great Big Sea – Heart Of Stone tab

 "Heart Of Stone"(McCann/Mahoney/O'Brien)
  From "Fortune's Favour"(2008)

  Another great Sean song,rather reminiscent 
  of the Beach Boy's "God Only Knows"...
  with bagpipes...

  capo, as per usual, on the third fret.

        D            C           D
 If the last thing I see is your face
                   C             Em
 the last thing I feel is your warm embrace
      C       D      Em
 Then I would not be afraid
 C       D       G     Em
 I would go to a happy grave
        C            D      Em
 If the last thing I see is you

 Should I suddenly disappear
 Or linger on for 100 years
 I would know no fear
 I would taste no bitter tears
 If the last thing I see is you
 Cmaj7               D       G       Gsus4 G Gsus2 G
 Old heart of stone, help me forget it
 Old heart of stone,
 D                G      Gsus4 G Gsus2 G
 do you think she meant it
 old heart of stone,
 somehow I’ve always known
          G       Gsus4 G Gsus2 G
 That I’d regret it

 If I could have one wish
 It would be that you remember this
 Know that I did not stray
 For you were there to guide my way
 you and your beautiful face

 CHORUS, then Bridge:

    (G)      (D)        (C)       (D)
 If I should fall would you give chase
 (G)       (C)    (D)
 Would you follow me
 (G)                (C)
 Or find someone to fill my space
     G        C    D        
 And keep you company

 If the sun refused to shine
 If it called for rain till the end of time
 I would not lose faith
 I'd sail my soul to a warmer place
 for you and your beautiful face


 fade out on "Oh, Heart of Stone"
 over Cmaj7 and Em chords.

 The G suspensions in the chorus are
 implied by the pipes and optional.
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