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Great Big Sea – Sea Of No Cares chords

Okay, so I knew this song previously, took a look at the online version here, and I 
to post my own, with some minor changes, as well as the lead in in the slower, ballad 
of the song.

Tuning standard EadgbeThe Intro is pretty simple. There are some notes embellishing it at some live but this works for me.|------------------------||------------------------||----0-----0-----0-------||--3-----3-----3---------||------3-----3-----3-3---||----------------------3-|
Alternately, you can play with more chord values F C C G|-------|X3 |-----||-1-1-1-| |-1-1-||-2-0-0-| |-0-0-||-3-3-2-| |-2-0-||-3-3-3-| |-3-2-||-------| |---3-|
Which pretty much covers that. The song itself goes through the following chords. F (x3321x) C (x3201x) Gsus4 (330013) G (32003x) Am (x0221x)
F CWhen you're in love
F CThere's no time and no space
F CAnd there's a permanent smile
Gsus4 GOn your face
F CAnd your friends all complain
F CThat you're going insane
FBut the truth is
C Gsus4 GThey're just afraid
~~~~~~Chorus~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (and I said)
Am G F CHey, Hey, Hey somewhere
F C GYou threw your fear in the Sea of No Cares
Am G F C(and) Hey, Hey, Hey somewhere,
F C Gsus4 G You threw your fear in the Sea of No Cares
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Then repeat intro for filler) When you decide That what counts is inside Your friends all say It's a lie And there's no brighter light Than the look in her eyes Than when you're walking her home Through the night (Chorus) (follows the bridge, listen to the song for rythem.) Let yourself go with the tide There's an angle by your side to ni-i-ight. (Intro pattern once) Oh, Back at the bar getting cynically stoned Your friends Are drinking alone But it's funny 'Cause they dont' even Cross your mind When she asks you in, to her home (Chorus X2) And that's it. Just repeat the chord progression with the rythm in the words, and enjoy.
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