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Great Big Sea – Road To Ruin chords

Love this song... My favorite off the album. Props to Zapp7 from forums 
for deciphering the song:

Great Big Sea - Road To Ruin

Intro - G C G D
        G C G D G

G C G D Meet me in the morning I'll be Happy as a clown
G C G D You'll just be getting up And I'll still be getting down
G C G D The band is getting tired But they don't give a damn
Em D So blow the girls a kiss And give the boys a hand
G C G D You can take the Sunshine I can take the Moonshine
G C G D You can take the high road I can take the low
G C G D The later in the evening The one thing I believe in
Em G D G I'm on the Road to Ruin It's the only way to go
G C G D A penny in my pocket A bucket in the well
G C G D Then Saturday was Sunday And I could hear the bells
G C G D Deliver me from Evil Forgiveness and for love
Em D You're heading for confession And I'm heading to the pub
Em C Nancy in the corner Now I'm moving in
Em C D I thought I'd take me chances But I took one on the chin
Em C I finally got her number She wrote it on a cup
Em G D G But I phoned her in the morning And I woke her mudder up
Em Em C C Em Em C C Em Em G G Em Em C D
G C G D She wished that I would go to bed I only wished her well
G C G D And then she told me Jesus said that I'd go straight to Hell
G C G D She's following His footsteps I'm following my nose
Em G D G We're heading for the same place I'll see you down the road
*Chorus* x2 (We're on the road to ruin..)
Em G D G We're on the road to ruin its the only way to go!
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