Great Big Sea - A Boat Like Gideon Brown tab

Great Big Sea-A Boat Like Gideon Brown
Tab by Herk522

Capo on the 3rd Fret

Intro: (D) (C) (D) [4 beats per note for the intro.]

Verse 1:
Oh Gideon lived across the bay,

(C)          (G)
He's getting older now.

(C)         (G)
His boat is big and bold.

       (Am)        (D)
She has a stalward bow

But my father's boat was second hand,

(C)         (G)
One someone used before,

(C)       (G)
And after every fishing trip

       (Am)      (D)
My father always swore;

That someday he would save enough

(C)      (G)
To go to St. John's town.

(C)        (G)
And buy himself a big new boat,

  (C)       (D)    (G)
A boat like Gideon Brown.
  (C)       (D)    (G)
A Boat Like Gideon Brown.


 'Cause she can punch the head in any gale

    (C)              (D)
And ride the fishing grounds.

  (G)               (Em)
I often thought how pround I'd be

     (C)       (D)    (G)
In a boat like Gideon Brown.

     (C)       (D)    (G)
In a boat like Gideon Brown.

Verse 2:

Many years did pass away

(C)              (G)
And Dad began to fade.

   (C)            (G)
He didn't talk of boats too much,

   (Am)          (D)
He said "Son I'm afraid"

If things don't soon improve

     (C)     (G)
Then I'll be underground;

(C)                       (G)
Before we ever get to see ourselves,

     (C)       (D)    (G)
In a boat like Gideon Brown.


I sat and held his hand one day

       (C)             (G)
And he said "Son, that policy"

    (C)                 (G)
The insurance is all in your name

(Am)       (D)
You're the beneficiary

And when I'm gone they'll pay you off.

     (C)       (G)
Then go to St. John's town

    (C)                     (G)
And buy yourself a big, new boat,

     (C)       (D)    (G)
In a boat like Gideon Brown.

     (C)       (D)    (G)
In a boat like Gideon Brown.

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