Great Big Sea - Im A Rover tab


 "I'm A Rover" (Trad/Arr. GBS)
  From "Turn" (1999)

 Sean's Guitar Capo second fret


            G        C           G
 Though the night be dark as dungeon
       Em         C       D
 not a star to be seen above
           G                 C   G
 I will be guided without a stumble
          Em          D     G
 into the arms of me only love

 I went unto her bedroom window
 kneeling gently upon a stone
 I rapped on her bedroom window
 my darling dear do you lie alone?

            G      C       G
 For I'm a rover, seldom sober
       Em         C    D
 I'm a rover of high degree,
 and when I'm drinking,
            C   G
 I'm always thinking,
        Em             D     G
 how to gain my love's company


 she raised her head from her feathered pillow
 raised her arms up around her breast
 saying "who's at me bedroom window
 disturbing me at me long night's rest?"

 It's only me your own true lover
 open the door and please let me in,
 For I have come on a long night's journey
 I am near drenched to the skin

 CHORUS, Intro

 She opened the door with the greatest pleasure
 opened the door and she let me in
 we both shook hands and embraced each other
 until the morning we lay as one

 But now me love I must go and leave you
 though the mountains be high above
 well,I will climb them with greater pleasure
 than have been with me only love

 CHORUS x2 first acapella then intro to end on G

 the other version on this site misses a couple
 passing chords.
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