Green Day - When Its Time chords version 2

When it's time - Green Day

this song it's not complicated just the chords changes continuously check it out ;) any 
correction notify me at my e-mail enjoy!! :)

G D/F# Words get trapped my mind
Emsorry I don't take the time
Cto feel the way I do
G D'cause the first day you came into my life
G Dmy time ticks around you
G D/F# But then i need you voice
Emas the key to unlock
Call the love is trapped in me
G D G G7So tell me when it's time to say I love you
C G all I want is you to understand
Dthat when I take your hand
Gis cause I want to
C G D we are all born in a world of doubt but there's no doubt...
C9 Em7 G/AI figured out i love you
|| solo electric guitar || during solo just play this chords in two times: G, D/F#, Em, C, G, D x2
C G All I want is you to understand
Dthat when i take your hand
Git's cause i want you
C G we are all born in a world of doubt
Dbut there's no doubt
C9 Em7 G/AI figured I love you...
G D/F# And i feel lonely for
Emall the loosers that all never
Ctake the time to say
G Dwhat was really on their mind instead
G Dthey just, hide away
G D/F# yet they'll never have
Emsomeone like you to guard them
Cand help along the way
G Dor tell me them when it's time
G Dto say I love you
G Dso tell me when it's time
C9 Em7 G/Ato say I love you
outro: Ge|------------3---------------|B|------------3---------------|G|------------0---------------|D|------------0---------------|A|-----0--2---2---------------|E|---3--------3---------------|
||electric guitar solo||
repeat x2 for you rox ...||so tell me when it's time to say I <3 U|| :) Green Day 4 ever ....
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