Green Day – Basket Case tab


E               B
Do you have the time
C#m          G#
To listen to me whine
A                E                 B
About nothin' and everything all at once
E           B
I am one of those
C#m        G#
melodramatic fools
A         E                       B
moronic ... ??? ... no doubt about it


A           B               E
Sometimes I give myself the creeps (???)
A            B                    E
Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me
A                   B
It all keeps adding up
E                    C#m
I think I'm cracking up
A             B            E B C#m A (<-- repeat these 4 chords a few times)   
Am I just paranoid, or ... ???

(I think there's a bridge part too that uses the chords in this last line
of the chorus)
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