Greg Champion - Thats The Thing About Football tab

Greg Champion
Thatís The Thing About Football

E                         C#m
I've got my scarf, got my old coat
A                B
I've got a footy game to go to
E                  C#m           
Footy's on footy's here again
A                B
Back to greet me like an old friend, and

Thatís the thing about
Thatís what I like about
Thatís the thing about
The thing about football

E                      C#m
Iíll meet a friend out side the ground
A                B
Weíll argue over whoís gonna win
E                     C#m   
Heíll go for his team I for mine
A                            B
Weíll watch Ďem slug it out, right to the end, and


A                          B7
Show me the crowd and Iíll take my place
C#m           A            B7
Iím hungry, Iím hungry for the taste of it, and


E                    C#m
I got a long road to walk down
A                     B
To catch a tram to my favourite ground
E            C#m
Use my legs, used my voice
A               B
Make some noise support the boys, and

A                B7
That's what foot ball means to me
C#m                  A        B7
That's how I like my footy to be, and

Move up 2 frets when he sings  
ďThatís how I like my footy to be, andĒ

Close with chorus.
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