Greg Foresman – Feels So Good chords

Feels So Good - Greg Foresman

Album: Hymns and Devil Music (2003)
The Greg Foresman Band

Chords by Is Smith israelgsmith[at]gmail[dot]com

[Intro: Em A (start baseline and jam for a little bit)]

Em A Em A Em A Em AWake up it's time to smell the coffee I'm brewin'
Found out about the other one you've been screwin' Too bad so sad I was so dumb it ain't funny I gave you all my heart my soul and my money [Chorus]
Am Bm C DOhhh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh
Em A EmFeels so good to say goodbye
Em A Em AI guess I'll see you around
[Em A Em A]
Em A Em Feels so good just knowing inside
Em A Em Ayou won't be pushin' me down
[Riff1 + Em A Em A Em A] Think back to when I held you close to my heart I thought you were so beautiful and so smart Too bad so sad I woke so hard from my dream [Chorus] [Jam + guitar solo:] I know some-day I'll find my way through this jungle Just so you know I took back the love that you fumbled Too bad so sad I wasted all of that time [Chorus 2x]
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