Greg Holden - Days tab


E--0-------------------------------5------------------------------------------|A------2------2/4----------------------7---7----------------------------------|D------2------------2---4/6------------7---7-------4---h6p-4----2-------------|G------1-------------------------------6---6----------------------------------|B------0-------------------------------5---5----------------------------------|e------0-------------------------------5---5----------------------------------| (strummed) (strummed)
E--0-------------------------------5----------------7-----7-------------------|A------2------2/4----------------------7---7--------9-----9-------------------|D------2------------2---4p2------------7---7--------9-----9-------------------|G------1-------------------------------6---6--------8-----8-------------------|B------0-------------------------------5---5--------7-----7-------------------|e------0-------------------------------5---5--------7-----7-------------------| (strummed) (strummed )
VERSE: E G#m How long will it take you F#m B To finish all your plans E G#m And will I be included F#m B And will you understand E G#m When I ask you every day F#m B Would you please let me stay F#m B E One more day with you --Play INTRO once-- --VERSE 2: same as VERSE-- CHORUS: E B The days are moving so fast F#m B I can hardly keep afloat E B The days are moving so fast G#m F#m That I can only let you go F#m B That I can only let you go --Play INTRO again--
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