Gregory Alan Isakov – Dandelion Wine chords ver. 2

			     DANDELION WINE – Gregory Alan Isakov
Tabbed by: gimmerain4days

Tuning: Standard

Intro. Am Fmaj9 G Fmaj9 e|----0--0--3--0-0---------0-0----0-0--0--------3-3--0--------0-0---0-0------| B|----1--1--1------3-1-----1-1----1-1----3-1----3-3----3-1----1-1---1-1------|G|----2--2--2--------------2-2----2-2-----------0-0-----------2-2---2-2------|D|----2--2--2-----------3--3-3--3-3-3-----------------------3-3-3-3-3-3------|A|--0-0--0--0----------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------3------------------------------| x2
C Am Fmaj9 Summer days were just a magazine
G Fmaj9 a magazine, a magazine…
Am Fmaj9 cutting grass for gasoline,
G Fmaj9 Cfor gasoline so I can see ya soon…
C Fmaj9Fall swooned
Amleft me drunk in a field
G C F Cdandelion wine for a year
Fmaj9and I packed up the dust
Amof all that I owned
G Chandkerchief hung from a pole
Fmaj9 CI rolled out the day that the apples fell…
Instrumental/Outro. E Am F C x4
E C Intro x1
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