Dandelion Wine chords with lyrics by Gregory Alan Isakov - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gregory Alan Isakov – Dandelion Wine chords

A huge thanks you to Gregory for having all his music available on 
www.gregoryalanisakov.com. Lyrics copied from the same place.

For the intro and other "technical" parts of the song just listen to it and you'll get it :-)


Intro: Am  F  G  F x2 
       C  C/G  C  C/G

Am F Gsummer days were just a magazine, a magazine
F a magazine
Am F Gcutting grass for gasoline, for gasoline
F C C/G so i can see ya soon
Am F G F x2
C Ffall swooned
Am left me drunk in a field
G C Fdandelion wine for a year
Fand i packed up the dust
Amof all that i owned
G C F handkerchief hung from a pole
C E i rolled out the day that the apples fell
Outro: Am F C E x4 Am F G Fmaj7 C
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