Gregory Alan Isakov – February chords


C Am February comes
Am7/G F#m7b5 along again
G G#dim Am Now we are rust coloured stones
Am7/G F#m7b5 C Cmaj9 C mmmmmm
C Am And I traded all my thoughts in
Am7/G F#m7b5 G For an hour of sleep in the snow
G G#dim Am And I dreamed up this old
Am7/G F#m7b5 midle western sky
G Gmaj7/F# G That follows me all the days
G G#dim And I dreamed up this dust
Am Am7/G on to so shortly moment
Csus4 Am G F oh but alone
Am Am7/G F#m7b5 C Cmaj9 C Cmaj9 C My dancing feet alone mmmmmm
C Am February we march with
Am7/G F#m7b5 G frozen hands and bones to the door
G G#dim Am And stomp our fate in a doorways
Am7/G F#m7b5 cafes, and houses and churches
G G#dim Am Today I saw two blue flowers
G F#m7b5 and thought of you
Csus4 And oh, it made me move,
Am Am7/G Csus4 my dancing shoes
Am Am7/G Csus4 My dancing shoes,
Am Am7/G F#m7b5 my dance feet along..
G G#dim Am When will we ever fall?
Am7/G F#m7b5 I don't know No, I don't know
G G#dim Am And when will they ever fall
Am7/G F#m7b5 C I don't know mmmmmmmm
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