Southern Star chords with lyrics by Gregory Alan Isakov - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gregory Alan Isakov – Southern Star chords


[Verse 1]
C Em C EmOh my drunken southern star
C Em C GHow you tried to hide in darkness
C GSlipped from orbit
D C G C GNow you’re dangerously close
[Verse 2]
C EmCome out, come out
C EmFrom all your hiding out
C EmWe’ll dig in our heels
C GSalute the battlefields
D C G C GWhere our broken hearts were born, oh
CAnd the storm clouds are thirsty
Em C EmI can see them bursting, watch them gathering light
C Em D CAnd the walls in the bedroom now are pounding out
C Em C EmWere we broken open baby, maybe just a crack
C Em D C G C GSwore I heard you whisper that you preferred us like that, oh
[Intrumental] C Em C Em C Em D C C Em C Em C Em D C G C G [Verse 3]
C Em C EmMy broken open child
C Em C GWere we thirsty, thorned with wild eyes
C G D C GStill, we are slaves to the sirens of the salty sea
C G C G C GOh, oh, oh,
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