Gregory Alan Isakov – Idaho chords

Idaho - Gregory Alan Isakov

E  A  C#m  A

Verse 1:
E A C#m Adown in the bardo
E A C#m Athere was nothing to hold so we let it go
E A C#m Awe were empty, we were hollow
E A C#m Ashined with everything we were living for
B Aand you see your soul
B A like some picture show
A across idaho
Instrumental. E A C#m A x2 Verse 2.
E A C#m Awe were running through the autumn leaves
E A C#m A a couple kids just wearing out our jeans, running
E A C#m Amary she’s our autumn queen
E A C#m Awatch her smoking cigarettes in the street
B Aand down she goes
B Acold she blows
across idaho Bridge.
F#m E Aand there’s lights up in the north
F#m E Aand i aint wondering where you are
F#m E Ayeah just lights up in the north
B Anow it’s white as snow
B Awatch the evening glow
Eacross idaho
Outro. E A C#m A
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