Astronaut chords with lyrics by Gregory Alan Isakov - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gregory Alan Isakov – Astronaut chords


It sounds best if you add a base note of G to the C chords and C to the Fmaj7. 
Gives a fuller sound.

G chord sounds better if you play as shown (technically a G6add11 or Cmaj9)

Listen to the song for strum pattern - best to give emphasis on base notes.

C/G G Am Fmaj7/C E7 Eme|---0----0----0----0-------0-----0-|b|---1----1----1----1-------0-----0-|g|---0----0----2----2-------1-----0-|d|---2----0----2----3-------0-----2-|a|---3----2----0----3-------2-----2-|e|---3----3----x----x-------0-----0-|
C/GI work mornings in the old yard
E7digging in the ground
Fmaj7but I moonlight as an astronaut
C/G Gmostly just sit around and howl
C/Gwon't you come to my house tonight
E7we could sleep on the floor
Fmaj7I got this window that looks out to Orion
C/G GI paid extra for
Amoh forget about the sun
Emhe's forgotten us by now
Fmaj7 C/G (quiet strum)kiss me so I remember how
Amwe'll turn these sorrows into strangers
Fmaj7buy them a ticket on the train
C/Gdrop 'em off at the station
E7watch 'em ride far away
Fmaj7 Am C/G x3far away . . .
Fmaj7 C/G G (end on C/G)far away...
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