Gregory Porter – Be Goodlions Song chords

I really loved this song from the first time I heard it.  At first, it may sound 
difficult with chord voicing and movement, but you'll get the hang of it.  Hope it works out 
for you. Keep jazz alive.
                             Be Good (Lion's Song)-Gregory Porter
Tabbed by:Andrew Welch
Key:BbCapo:3rd fret
Bb F/ABe good is her name
Gm F BbAnd I sing my lion's song and brush my mane
Bb F/AShe would and she could
Gm F Eb
Dm7 Gsus GSo she pulled my lion's tail and caused me pain
Gm7 F#dimShe said lion's are made for cages
F EdimJust to look at in delight
Gm7 F#dimYou dare not let 'em walk around
F Eb'cause they might just bite
Bb F/ADoes she know what she does when
Gm F Bbshe dances 'round my cage and says her name?
Bb F/A Gm F BbBe good.. Be good
You'll notice the upright carrying the rhythm and walking up continuously from the F back to the Bb. Here's a quick tab for that: (relative to capo 3) Bb F/A Gm7 F Bb
The rest of the song quite simply repeats what's tabbed above. The solo under the sax may deviate slightly, but it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out. If there are any questions, please email me!
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