Groove Armada – Just For Tonight chords


Lyrics to Just For Tonight :

Intro -: Gm,F,Eb, Dm, Cm, Dm, Eb, F

Gm,Thought I told you
F Eb Dm Cm To memorize all the traces
Dm Eb FThis only comes once in a life
Gm F Eb Dm I could never be so true
Cm DmAnd be here with you
Eb F I'm gon'give it a try
Gm, Eb, Cm, Gm,
Eb Eb,Dm-CmJust for tonight
Gm, Eb, Cm,
Gm,Feels good
Eb Eb, Dm-CmJust for tonight
Wanna help you To leave behind all the faces It's just you and me tonight We could only be the fruit I'll stay here with you I'm gon'give it a try Just for tonight Just for tonight feels good ,hey Yeah just for tonight
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