Tongue Tied chords with lyrics by Grouplove - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Grouplove – Tongue Tied chords

This song is pretty easy to play - just four chords. The original is barre chords way up 
around the 11th fret, but my tab is a simplified transposed version using regular chords.

Play the D chord like a Dsus (I think) keeping the high E string open, like this:

CAPO 1 Intro: D A D A
GTake me to your best friend's house
GRoll around this roundabout
D A D AOh yeah
GTake me to your best friend's house
GI loved you then and I love you now
D A D AOh yeah
G EmDon't take me tongue tied
D ADon't wave no goodbye
Break: D A D A This basic pattern is repeated throughout the song, during the spoken/rap section just keep playing the D and A chords (like the intro and break). Cheers.
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