Guess Who - Hand Me Down World tab

I learned the chords that had been posted by Andrew Rogers for Hand me down world and I 
it was great, but it definitely needed the solo transcribed to complete the tab. So I 
to take a stab at it, itís all by ear and pretty close to what Randy Bachman is
playing on the recording.

Guess Who- Donít give me no hand me down world (1970)
Standard tuning, Mostly in the key of B

v = vibrato
h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
b = bend to indicated tone
r = return bend to indicated fret
> = sustain bend
/ = slide

* Use lots of distortion

*Solo is played over this progression: B5 B5/A B5/G# B5/G F#sus4 E B B5 B5/A B5/G# B5/G F#sus4
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