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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 11:23:38 -0600
From: Kevin Bilello 
Subject: TAB: "Smile" by The Gufs

Title: Smile
Album: The Gufs
Artist: The Gufs
Tuning: Standard w/capo 2nd fret
Author: Kevin Bilello	(

h  - hammer-on
p  - pull-off
pm - palm mute
^  - half bend
~  - full bend
/  - slide up
\  - slide down

G1 - acoustic
G2 - electric w/ heavy distortion

Cadd9 			(G2 gradual fade in)

F#m7 - D - Cadd9 - D  	(G1 & G2 play 4x)
		       	(G2 pick chords last 2x)

VERSES 1 & 2:
F#m7 - D - Cadd9 - D  	(G1 play 4x)
		       	(G2 pick chords last 2x)

F#m7 - D - Cadd9 - D  	(G1 & G2)

CHORUS:			(G2 play w/ G1 optional)
Am - Em - Cadd9 - B/G

Am - Em - Cadd9 - D - Esus4

Am - Em - Cadd9 - B/G

Am - Em - Cadd9 - D - Esus4

BRIDGE: (G1 strum chords 4x)
        (G2 plays notes w/ pm)

F#m7 Cadd9 D Cadd9E-|--------|--------|--------|--------|B-|--------|--------|--------|--------|G-|--------|--------|--------|--------|D-|--------|--------|--------|--------|A-|--0h2---|---3----|---5----|--3---5-|E-|--------|--------|--------|--------|
SOLO: (G1 strum chords) (G2 plays notes w/ sustain)
F#m7 D Cadd9 DE-|-----12h14-|------12h14-|------12h14-----12h14-|--------|B-|-12h14-----|-12h14------|-12h14-----12h14------|--12^---|G-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|D-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|A-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|E-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|
F#m7 D Cadd9 DE-|-----------|------------|------------|-----5-------|B-|-8-8--8-8--|--8p7--7-7--|--7p5--5-5--|-8-7---------|G-|-----------|------------|------------|-------------|D-|-----------|------------|------------|-------------|A-|-----------|------------|------------|-------------|E-|-----------|------------|------------|-------------|
F#m7 D Cadd9 DE-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|B-|-7h8--7h12-|-7h8--7h12--|-7h8--7h12--7h8--7h12-|-12~-10-|G-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|D-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|A-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|E-|-----------|------------|----------------------|--------|
INTRO VERSE 1 FILL 2x VERSE 2 CHORUS BRIDGE FILL 4x (G2 w/ wah-wah) VERSE 3 CHORUS BRIDGE (G1 only) CHORUS BRIDGE FILL 2x (G2 w/ wah-wah) SOLO (G2 w/ wah-wah) CHORDS: F#m7 - 022033 D - x00232 Esus4 - x00233 Cadd9 - x32030 Am - x02210 Em - 022000 LYRICS: (verse 1) I cannot control the way I feel She said won't you play with something real I was different than the other boys Always watching never wanting more (verse 2) I cannot control the things I do She said won't you come I wanted to Taken to another place in time Never felt this good or been so high (chorus) Is it any wonder what are we doing here You cannot control this anymore my dear Is it any wonder what are we doing now You cannot control me anymore (bridge) I tried to live without you for awhile And I can now control you with a smile I tried to live my life just for a while And I can now control you with a smile (verse 3) I can now control the way you feel She said all of this was never real I'm no different than the other boys I will leave you never wanting more
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