Gugun Blues Shelter – Fight For Freedom chords

Opening : D7

Intro : E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5 (2x)

Verse 1 :
E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5You can’t buy my voice.. oh no, I got a message
E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5You’re here on my land…oh yea, with your soldiers
Reff :
C7 B7 E7 A7You can see in my face I’m just a simple country boy,
C7 B7 E7I don’t mean no harm, don’t need this suffering.
C7 B7 E7 A7 You make me run, while you burn my house,
C7 D7 E7Is this the price I pay… to live another day?
Verse 2 :
E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5You keep my nation under, your political strategy.
E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5We must rise up, fight back… We got to be free.
Back to : Reff Interlude : B7-E7 C7 B7 E7 A7 C7 B7 E7 C7 B7 E7 A7 C7 D7 E7 Verse 3 :
E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5You’re trying to break my people with your oppression,
E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5But one day will come people… We’ll get freedom.
Back to : Reff(2x) Outro : E5-E7 A5-A7 E5 A5 (4x) E5 A5 (3x) E5 B7-A#7-A7 THE END...... (send message to me if there's is wrong with my chords to my twitter : @V_Bluesbank)
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