Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes tab

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Special thanks to Michael Davidson for tabbing these

----------- AS WE GO UP ----------- The chorus and verse are both arpeggiated barre chords. These are the notes I think they're playing, but the guitar is pretty hard to hear for most of the song Verse:

G C E De---3------------------------------------------------------------------|B------3--------5------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------5-------9--------7-----------------------------------|D---------------------------9--------7---------------------------------|A------------3-------3-7------7--5-------------------------------------|E-3-------3------------------------------------------------------------|
G C Bm Ce----3-------------------2--------------------------------------------|B------3------5------------3------5-----------------------------------|G---------------5-------------------5---------------------------------|D---------------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------3------3--2------2--3-------------------------------------|E-3-------3-----------------------------------------------------------|
For the bridge ("I speak in monotone...") play Bb and C, strummed normally. ------------ BLIMPS GO 90 ------------ The verse is a pretty simple little riff. Play this thing a few times:
Followed by:
e----------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------| etc.D---------------------------4-------4----|A----6-------6-----4------2--2-----------|E--4---4-4-4---0-2---2----------0-0---0--| ^ (This is kind of a grace note played as you move your fingers from the G#5 to F#5.)
The transition from verse to chorus goes:
The chorus is just two note power chords: G#5 F#5 E5 G#5 E5 F#5 The violin part is basically four notes played in different orders.
e---11---9-----------| is the first riff; the violin plays these notesB-----------12---9---| throughout the rest of the song.
-------------- CLOSER YOU ARE -------------- The verse is just a change between C and G barre chords. The chorus is G C Bm Bb A. For "Now you can see the boys" play C then B. (It might be C then G, I'm not really sure.) The "dreaming, scheming" riff is this:
The last part goes like this: C G Csus2
I get up Seven o'clock Drive myself up to the lookout rock ------------ LITTLE WHIRL ------------ The verse riff is: D A G E G A The chorus is: G A End on a D. ----------- MY SON COOL ----------- The intro is: B D B D E The verse is: A D A F# E F# D B D And then repeat the intro. ---------- PIMPLE ZOO ---------- The first part is E then G. The break in between the two main parts is B G# D#. Then the final part is E then Db. -------------- A SALTY SALUTE -------------- The guitar part to this is simply D and E. However, I think it sounds better to follow the baseline, especially if you're just playing alone. In that case, the chords are: D A D G F# E F# G. ------------------ WATCH ME JUMPSTART ------------------ The opening riff is 3 barre chords: E F# A F# E For the verse, I play the same chords, only leave the low E string open and alternate it with the chords like this:
Followed by the main riff. For the "Shoot me down part" play E followed by A. Then, for "Cause I won't be around" play a Dbm. The little riff that goes on there is just the B string; while making the Dbm, lift your middle finger on and off, like this B-5-5-5-4-5. The rest of the bridge goes like this: F# E As you run from the places you love I remember the faces that cry C D C And they're pulling me back so I have to die Comments, corrections, etc. Special thanks to Dildozer

*a good flying bird/alien lanes f g bflat c f g bflat c bflat g bflat c f g bflat c f g bflat c f g bflat c f g bflat c bflat g bflat c f g bflat c f g bflat c a bflat c f

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|*don't stop now(not the one on the new album)
d|--0--0----0--0----|a|-0--0--0-0--0--0--|e|2--2--2-3--3--3---| (keep doin this over and over)--------------------|--------------------|
*my valuable hunting knife(sort of how they play it live)first part:c e c a ghit it:f e f e f e f e g e f e f e g fthird part:c a gc a gc e c a gc e c a ghit it:f e f e f e f e g e f e f e g fi will run:e f g fe f g fe f g fe fsixth part:c a gc a gnever know:c a g fc a g fc a g f-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
*striped white jets/alien lanes(* = play the f over and over again at the start)f* f a gf* f a gf* f a gf* f a g--------b a fb a--------riffg-------------------------3333----------------------------333----------------|d-3333333222222211111115555---3333333322222222111111115555---0---------------|a------------------------------------------------------------------0770-0550-|e-----------------------------------------------------------------1----1-----|
a--0330-01111(alot of times)--|e-1----1--------------------0-|
f* f a g f-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|*king and caroline/alien lanesthis song is played on bass but it sounds fine on a six stringmy notes on this one are far from perfect but they're good enough for me
first part: 4 timesa-------222553-23232--| <-this last note switches to 5 on 4th timee-333555--------------|
second part: 2 timesa-555---33322--232323-|e----333-----5--------|
first part: 2 times second part: 2 times first part: 2 times
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