Guided By Voices – Exit Flagger tab

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Subject: Tab: Exit Flagger by GBV
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 95 15:41:00 -0600

Exit Flagger
from the Guided by Voices album Propellor

Tabbed by Michael Davidson

This one's really easy. First of all, here are the chords. (All barre,
but it sounds much better if you don't play the high e string on the
e-shaped ones. Listen to the song; they keep it pretty low.)

A  - 577655
B  - x2444x
D  - x5777x
Db - x4666x
G  - 355433

The single-note riff (spelled with lowercase) is

The main chord RIFF (uppercase) is the same thing, but with barre chords. (That is, D Db B G) riffx2 riff riff I don't know where I've come from I don't know where I'm off to riff riff I need to find a way out I need you to help me find it RIFF Exit Flagger x4 A G * I'm not going to race you today riff riff I need a life of sameness I don't compete in anything riff riff I promise to leave you one of these days I promise to leave real soon RIFF Exit Flagger x4 A G * I'm not going to race you today D G I promise to leave you x4 Then through the solo it's just the RIFF four times, an A, a G, and the riff eight times. * Instead of A then G, you can play A (x0222x), B, Db, D instead which follows the bass line instead of the guitar. (You can play the A that way anytime, but I think it's easier to slide to the G if you go ahead and play it on the fifth fret.) Comment and miscellaneous T go to Enjoy!
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