Guided By Voices – Jar Of Cardinals tab

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Here's my lame attempt at the chords for Jar Of Cardinals (someone

requested them awhile ago).

The same thing gets played throughout, it's just a three-chord progression

that goes to another key for the next three chords (I think).

G G* Em C C* Am

The G is a standard 3rd fret barre, the rest are the standard open chords.

The C* chord is just  x20010 (according to a book I have this is a G6 (B

bass C added) but I just call it C*).  The G* is the same thing as the C*

on the 7th fret, but to play it at the 3rd fret like it's supposed to be, I

think it's like this x34433.  You can walk the bass down from the G to the

G* as 3--2 with your thumb on the E string, but my thumb isn't big enough

to get that F# (I think the bass takes care of it on the album).  This

probably isn't exactly right, and you can substitute a Bm for the G*,

though it sounds a little off.
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